Klondike FRVR


Average Rating: 4.8/5

Engage your mind while de-stressing with one of the all-time classic card games: solitaire. Klondike's clean, crisp graphics are truly classic and worthy of a proper card table – complete with emerald green felt top.

Card game fans will recognize and appreciate the subtle sound the turning cards make as they are flipped over.

Klondike offers an original soundtrack with a distinctly relaxed Latin vibe to set the mood and make your gameplay a pleasurable and thoroughly relaxing experience.

Regret your last move? Click the undo button to take it back a step or two while you reconsider your strategy. Want to start over? Click the game reset button to see if you can get past that spot where you got stuck.

Klondike keeps the gameplay real, relaxing, and comfortably classic.

Winning results in a fractal-style mesmerizing dance of the cards across the screen.



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